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Drs. Rhadi and Traci FergusonDr. Rhadi Ferguson is a life coach, sports coaching consultant, author, and speaker whose expertise includes personal and professional development, lifestyle re-creation and transformation.

He authored the groundbreaking book Enhance or Destroy A Relationship, Lessons From An Elite Athlete and authored and co-authored many other books DVDs and courses on personal, professional, and athletic development across a spectrum of disciplines.

As an Olympian and a former world class athlete Dr. Ferguson’s perspective on excellence has been sharpened, honed, and polished through real world experiences and trial-and-error. Unlike many coaches who purport learning through the school of ┬áhard knocks as a way of bypassing the rigors of the formal educational process.

Dr. Ferguson brings to his clients former Fortune 500 company experience, academic excellence and professional athletic experience. Dr. Ferguson instructs, teaches and architects his lifestyle improvement process based heavily on a tried and true process and theoretical framework rooted in education, learning and conditioning.

He has worked with hundreds of clients over the years ranging from entrepreneurs to professional athletes to executives and academicians, in the art of designing, creating and in some cases re-creating a lifestyle that naturally attracts the best that life has to offer. Dr. Ferguson has worked in the trenches with therapist, psychologists, medical doctors personal trainers chefs strength coaches teachers and other professionals all over the world in his work with creating change in the life of his clients. He delivers his real-life experiences to you in the no-nonsense direct style that he’s known for.”