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Angelina Spicer

Ep. 22 – Comedian Angelina Spicer Faced Postpartum Depression and Lived to Joke About it

Angelina Spicer has started a conversation on a very serious topic, in a very entertaining way: Postpartum depression.

She’s a Los Angeles based wife and mom, who has had serious challenges with anxiety and anxiety following the birth of her first child. You’ve likely heard of postpartum depression before, but have you REALLY spoke with someone about how it felt? Angelina has taken things a step further and is having the conversation with dozens of people a night, through her comedy.

View her Kickstarter Campaign: Postpartum Revolution

Angelina Spicer postpartum

On top of that, she’s working on bringing her stand up to life as a video documentary sharing the challenges of PPA and PPD with the universe.

This is a fantastic episode filled with laughter and education, and it was a lot of fun to record. It’s also our first episode back recording The Super Fantastic Show since Dr. Ferguson’s challenges at home. (Can we get him to share more on that next?)

We’re back.

*** Language Warning: NSFW ***

Our Guests today include:

Comedian Angelina Spicer
Instagram – @AngelinaSpicer
Website –
KickStarter Campaign – Link Here

UK Based Women’s Personal Trainer Maya Saffron
Instagram – @mayasaffronhan
Podcast – TriedItPodcast

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