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Ep. 10 – Breastfeeding, Baby Weight and Body Image w/ Jada Wright Nichols

Let’s start by admitting that the alternate title for this post was…

“Whose boobs are they anyway!?”

Yes. We go there. I think parents, and parents to be will love this episode.

Jada Wright Nichols is a lactation consultant, doula, occupational therapist, and a yoga instructor. That means that she knows a heck of a lot about everything baby… academically, and discovering the realities one day at a time.

She and her husband Ray were fit singles, but now as first time parents they’ve experienced the challenges in keeping it going.

In this episode, Jada will teach us a TON about breastfeeding, including how she overcame her personal challenges navigating the process, dealing with family, and getting it to all come together.

Also, we’ll talk about how the changes that come with a new baby for both mom and dad can impact how we relate, how we see each other, and how we se ourselves.

Enjoy the show.

***There is some language in this episode, so parents if you’re within earshot of kids, be cautious.***

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