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Ep. 20 – Being Seen – Reflections of Black Panther

I’ve seen Marvel Studio’s Black Panther twice, and it was as good the second time.

Also, I’ll admit that I got choked up both times when the Queen beckoned “Show him who you are!”
Something about that moment… and it may have been dusty a couple other times as well.

So what happens next?

We don’t want to leave the theater, so we keep going back. We play the song on the way home. We buy advance tickets and set dates to go back. It FEELS good.

It feels like being on the yard at Howard University on a late spring afternoon; like seeing all of your cousins at the family reunion; or like meeting someone special and having that feeling like you can’t wait to see them again.

For many people of color, we see a portrayal of us as we see ourselves: Flawed. Funny. Driven. Excellent. Hidden.

To discuss the impact of the experience we’ve tapped:

Our gu

This is a great one.

-Be Moore

  • Harriet Tubman Wright

    February 23, 2018at7:45 am Reply

    As one who grew up in Oakland and a graduate of Howard University 1971…the class that took over the Admin Bldg, when Debbie Allen was an undergrad there, etc. your comments brought back fond memories of the Quad, Douglas Hall, the Diaspora well represented. by students and professors…I greatly appreciated the depth of dialogue and analysis regarding the Black Panther movie, a movie that has raised the bar and the consciousness about who we truly are as Black People; beautiful, brilliant, bodacious with deep spiritual roots, abundant creativity, mega talent and the capacity to transform the planet,,,Just regret that the lone sista’s final words were cut off at the end while she was making relevant, insightful and provocative concluding statements. Nonetheless, Bravo and Brava…And YES, WE ARE BETTER TOGETHER…A NEW LEVEL OF REVOLUTION AND EVOLUTION IS AT HAND! POWER TO THE PEOPLE WHO ARE WOKE AND UNDERSTAND THAT NOW IS OUR TIME!

  • Aleatha Garrick

    February 23, 2018at7:17 pm Reply

    This was a very enlightening conversation that begun to dig past the surface. It was well received and appreciated. I look foward to listening in the future!

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