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Ep. 16 – The Purple Episode – Prince, Kobe & Raekwon’s Purple Tape

This episode of The Super Fantastic Show is dedicated to the genius and royalty that are represented by the great talents of Kobe Bryant and Prince.

Kobe Bryant, perennial all-star, Olympian, and 5 time NBA champion has retired from the Los Angeles Lakers. Prior to doing so, however, Kobe drained the coffers and went on a city to city Kobe-fest as he lead the Lakers to one of their losing-est seasons ever.

As you can tell, this episode isn’t your standard love-fest for the Black Mamba. With respect and praise for his basketball career, Kobe has left some pretty big craters in his wake.

We’ll discuss them in this episode.

The world has lost one of it’s genius level musical talents prematurely in the passing of Prince, at the age of 57.

Prince was too much to summarize in this simple post, so what we’re able to discuss is the impact his music had on us, share a few funny stories, and celebrate his life.

Press play, this is a fun episode.

**Caution** There is some harsh language, so please consider the children.



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