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Ep. 23 – The Right Move | Why Keshia Walker is Creating LGBTQ Events

Keshia Walker is an Atlanta-based event producer, who has built a long resume of well attended events all over the world.

For the past 25 years, Keshia and her company, Insights Marketing, have produced a lineup of events in New Orleans during Essence Festival week culminating in the All-White Affair, an event which hosts many of the weekend’s notable celebrities as hosts, and DJs from all over the country.

While reviewing the Insights lineup for 2019, an event jumped off the page at me; there is a SECOND all-white party listed, “One Love, All-White Day Party” subtitled An LGBTQ Signature event.

What is an LGBTQ signature event? I haven’t seen this in previous schedules. Why now? Why you? What’s happening?
So I asked, and I absolutely think it’s the right move, and the right time.

Here’s what I learned…

– Be Moore

About this episode:

  • Host: Dr. Maurice Ellis Dolberry, A Line in the Sand Consulting
  • Interviewer: Bryndan “Be” Moore
  • Guest: Keshia Walker, Insights Marketing,

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