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Ep. 14 – Holistic Healing with Chef Jaquy Yngvason

Jaquy and I met on a nutrition and fitness panel discussion (NMDN) last summer and immediately hit it off.

She is a Holistic food healer and empowerment coach who specializes in helping those with eating disorders and food allergies, a vegan, and has been a contestant on “Chopped” on the food network.

Though her resume is long and impressive, the bigger deal about Jaquy is that she is super generous with her time and attention. Upon meeting, she makes you feel welcome, like it’s important to her that YOU are acknowledged and welcome, which must make it easy for people to ask for her advice.

She’s qualified to share this discussion with me on healing because she herself has been healed.

Take a listen and you’ll see what I mean.

-Coach Be

You can find Jaquy online at and at, and in real life she can be found in Brooklyn and in Miramar, Costa Rica.

If you speak to her be sure to tell her that you heard about her on The Super Fantastic Show 😉

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