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Ep. 15 – Put ONE Up for The Phifer

This episode of the podcast is particularly special to me because it allows us to talk about two of our passions: Hip-Hop and wellness.

We recently lost Phife to complications due to his battle with type-1 diabetes. For those of you who aren’t aware, Phife was 1/4 of A Tribe Called Quest, the MC with the penchant for sports references and the Trinidadian roots.

Tribe was THAT group in hip-hop that defined the art for much of the 90s. We watched them come up as prodigies of the Jungle Brothers and be embraced by the world as they refined their sound. Phife, who was particularly quiet on the first album, aside from perhaps the Bonita Applebum remix, burst onto the scene in the 1991 release “The Low End Theory” release.

“Yo! Microphone check 1-2 what is this!?” will forever be a mark in hip-hop.

For this episode we asked our friends and families to call in with their stories and accounts so that we could share with you.

-Coach Be Moore


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Pictured from top left to right and down:

The Big O Hamilton

Ali Muhammad – Thoro TV

Jenna Moniz – Educator

Joli Moniz – Photographer, Cape Verde

Jada Nichols – Blossom Om

Dwayne “Yoda” Meekins

Mason Meekins – Super Student

Crystal Pollard – A Tribe Called Sprinters

DJ Jon Dowe

Kamal Harris

Akil Kamau

Rhadi Ferguson – Judoka

Dr. Rhadi Ferguson – 2004 Judo Olympian

Dr. Traci Ferguson

Kyle Gurkovich – 2 Time Guinness World Record Holder

Chef Brent Hughes – The Dopaliscious

Rufus Ferguson – Judoka

Coach Be Moore – Host, The Super Fantastic Show, E4A

Dr. Ericka Goodwin – Board Certified Psychiatrist

Lita Lewis – Trainer, Follow the Lita

Eric Roberson – Singer / Songwriter

Mia Nicolajev – Trainer, Bodymorphology, E4A

Phife Dawg – The 5 foot assasin

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